Which medication can treat hpv

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Which medication can treat hpv

HPV remedies help destroy the warts, which are the lesions that appear due to the virus. To destroy them, you need to go to the doctor in the office or do treatment at home, depending on your symptoms and the severity of the infection.

Treatment for HPV is time-consuming and sometimes costly but lack of treatment can lead to the worsening of the lesions, increase the chances of transmitting the disease and, in some cases, can lead to cancer. It is estimated that, with the right treatment, HPV cure can be achieved in about 2 years.

Medication for HPV

Some remedies used to fight HPV can be applied by your doctor in his office, such as 70 and 90% trichloroacetic acid (ATA), which works by destroying the warts, 15% Podofilin in the case of small lesions, because it causes a small local irritation, or 5-fluorouracil, which prevents the division of HPV virus in the lesions, favoring its elimination.

It is important that the medicine chosen be applied 1 to 2 times a week in the doctor's office for treatment to be effective.

Home Treatment with topical remedies

In some cases, treatment for HPV can be done at home through the use of:

  • Podofilotoxin 0.15%, which should be applied twice daily for 4 consecutive days. Then you should take a break of 4 days so that the treatment can be started again;
  • Imiquimode 5% associated with trichloroacetic acid, which should be applied to the genital warts at bedtime, 3 times a week, for up to 4 months. It is important to wash the treated area after 6 to 10 hours of application.

The doctor usually leaves the information related to the treatment in writing so that the person can follow the treatment correctly and so it can be effective.

Natural remedies for HPV

A great natural remedy against HPV is ointment prepared with Stryphnodendron barbatiman, which is is rich in tannins that dehydrate the infected cells, causing their desquamation and death. This ointment has proven its effectiveness in studies, causes no side effects and appears to have no restrictions, being used in men, women, children and pregnant women.

The Stryphnodendron barbatiman ointment is being better studied so it can be marketed but its use should be restricted according to medical guidelines.

Home treatment for HPV

An excellent home remedy for HPV is to increase the body's natural defenses. Therefore, it is recommended you:

  • Quit smoking;
  • Practice physical activity regularly;
  • Drink plenty of water and fruit juices;
  • Increase consumption of citrus fruits;
  • Eat at least 2 different fruits a day;
  • Avoid meat, especially red meat;
  • Always eat salads and vegetables, varying them every day;
  • Avoid foods full of fats and alcoholic beverages.

By choosing to do these changes your body will grow stronger and it will be able to fight the HPV virus more quickly, but this does not exclude the need for the use of the medications and any other medical treatment. It is always important to remember, the earlier treatment is started, the easier it will be to cure this disease.


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