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Tratamentos Para Candidíase

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  1. photo White vaginal dischargeWhite vaginal dischargeTratamento
    White discharge when accompanied by unusual smell and consistency may be a sign of vaginal infection such as candidiasis or any change in normal vaginal flora such as bacterial vaginosis. In these...Leia mais
  2. photo Aids symptomsAids symptomsTratamento
    The first symptoms of infection with the AIDS virus include general malaise, fever, dry cough and sore throat, often resembling the symptoms of a common cold, these last for approximately 14 days,...Leia mais
  3. photo Vaginal itching: causes and treatmentVaginal itching: causes and treatmentTratamento
    Vaginal itching can be a symptom of allergy or candidiasis, for example. When it is caused by an allergic reaction, the affected region is, in most cases, the outer region. In this case, the use...Leia mais
  4. photo First symptoms of hiv and aidsFirst symptoms of hiv and aidsTratamento
    The symptoms of HIV are quite difficult to identify, so the best way to confirm the contamination with the virus is by doing a HIV test at a clinic or health center, especially if you have...Leia mais
  5. photo Vaginal discharge: what each color meansVaginal discharge: what each color meansTratamento
    When vaginal discharge has some color, smell or unusual consistency, it may indicate the presence of vaginal infection such as candidiasis, trichomoniasis or the sexually transmitted diseases,...Leia mais
  6. photo Como tratar a candidíase vaginal com remédios naturaisComo tratar a candidíase vaginal com remédios naturaisTratamento
    A candidíase vaginal é uma infecção causada por diversas variedades de fungos, principalmente o Cândida Albicans. A infecção das membranas mucosas, como ocorre na boca ou vagina, é comum entre os...Leia mais
  7. Remedios caseros para la candidiasis vaginalTratamento
    Yogur bio con jugo de aloe vera La candidiasis es una infección causada por un hongo que suele aparecer en la vagina. Causa escozor, ardor, hinchazón, dolor… Ingredientes: 1 yogur bio 1 chorrito...Leia mais
  8. What are probiotics and what are they used forTratamento
    Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that live in the gut and improve the overall health of the body, bringing benefits such as facilitating digestion and absorption of nutrients, therefore...Leia mais
  9. photo How to use ketoconazole - cream, pill or shampooHow to use ketoconazole - cream, pill or shampooTratamento
    Ketoconazole is an antifungal medication, which is available in the form of pills, cream or shampoo, and is effective against skin infections, oral and vaginal candidiasis and seborrheic...Leia mais
  10. photo Omeprazole - what is it for and how to take itOmeprazole - what is it for and how to take itTratamento
    Omeprazole is a remedy indicated for gastritis and gastric ulcer because it reduces the acidity of the stomach but can also be used to protect the stomachs mucus when taking anti-inflammatory for...Leia mais