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Tratamentos Para Bronquite

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  1. photo Benefícios e propriedades da jurubebaBenefícios e propriedades da jurubebaTratamento
    Com nome divertido, a planta jurubeba é uma das mais populares em solo nacional. Pode ser encontrada em regiões diversas do Brasil e, dependendo da localidade, pode ser conhecida como juribeba,...Leia mais 100.022 votos
  2. photo Benefícios do agriãoBenefícios do agriãoTratamento
    O agrião é tão forte em termos de nutrientes, que não precisa ser consumido diariamente, a não ser para tratamento dos brônquios durante períodos limitados. Ele é muito rico em ferro, iodo e...Leia mais 100.022 votos
  3. photo Receita de lambedor de hortelã-graúdaReceita de lambedor de hortelã-graúdaTratamento
    A hortelã-graúda também conhecida como hortelã-da-folha-grossa, hortelã-da-folha-graúda, boragem, hortelã-da-bahia, malva-do-reino, malva-de-cheiro, malvaísco, malva-santa, hortelã-gorda e...Leia mais 55.5555555555555699 votos
  4. photo Essential Oil to Symptoms ListEssential Oil to Symptoms ListTratamento
    The following oils may assist in alleviating the complaints listed. This is not a comprehensive list nor is it considered to be a prescription for the named complaint. Essential Oil to Symptoms...Leia mais
  5. photo Essential Oils for Your Spring Medicine ChestEssential Oils for Your Spring Medicine ChestTratamento
    Spring is a time of new beginnings, new growth, planting seeds, purification, and for clearing out the old. Following the rhythms of nature and developing harmony with the ways in which nature...Leia mais
  6. photo Essential Oils for TravelEssential Oils for TravelTratamento
    Bergamot is a great skin oil good for any skin condition. It is a wonderful insect repellent, and has a very balancing and uplifting quality to it. Traveling, whether for business or pleasure, can...Leia mais
  7. photo Why You Always Need Echinacea on HandWhy You Always Need Echinacea on HandTratamento
    One of the top healing herbs to have in your life is Echinacea. Whether you plant medicinal herbs in your backyard to have it fresh, or you buy Echinacea herbs to make tea and other herbal...Leia mais
  8. photo Essential Oils for FallEssential Oils for FallTratamento
    Fall, like Spring, is a time of extreme change for many living in non-temperate areas. The air becomes drier or in some circumstances wetter and cooler. These and other changes can foster the...Leia mais
  9. Headache and Hangover RemediesTratamento
    Headaches refer to pain in the head and sometimes neck. It can be located in the back of the head (occipital), the front of the head or forehead (frontal), on the top of the head (vertex), on the...Leia mais
  10. photo Anise Oil (Pimpinella anisum) Essential Oil Profile, Benefits, PropertiesAnise Oil (Pimpinella anisum) Essential Oil Profile, Benefits, PropertiesTratamento
    Note: Anise and Star Anise essential oils are frequently grouped together and are at times confused with each other as both possess a similar aroma and have similar, but not identical, properties....Leia mais