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  1. photo ¿Qué es el <b>Tempeh</b>?¿Qué es el Tempeh?Tratamento
    de preparaciones. Es similar al tofu en cuánto a su elaboración, pero con otra textura y características nutricionales. ¿Qué es el Tempeh? Datos Este producto se puede preparar en casa o comprarlo ya hechoLeia mais
  2. photo How to Master Grilled <b>Tempeh</b>How to Master Grilled TempehArtigo
    Oh, the love of tempeh. These wholesome, fermented soybean cakes are one of the few soy foods I actually recommend eating. Unlike tofu, which has been linked to dementia, sterility in males and evenLeia mais
  3. photo Sesame-Honey Glazed <b>Tempeh</b> RecipeSesame-Honey Glazed Tempeh RecipeReceita
    for cupcakes and cookies (think thin, drizzly frosting), but for savory dishes like meats, vegetables, and grains—basically, anything that you want to make saucy, sweet, and sexy. Here, it’s tempeh’s timeLeia mais
  4. photo Vegetarian <b>Tempeh</b> Reuben Sandwich RecipeVegetarian Tempeh Reuben Sandwich RecipeReceita
    , sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, and Russian dressing–not exactly healthy. But by substituting tempeh for corned beef and making your own dressing, the sandwich gets a whole lot healthier. Plus, it’s much more lowLeia mais
  5. photo Meatless Monday Roundup: 5 <b>Tempeh</b> RecipesMeatless Monday Roundup: 5 Tempeh RecipesArtigo
    Have you gotten to know tempeh yet? This fermented soy product is a protein-rich choice that’s great for Meatless Monday, particularly now that grilling season is upon us. We’ve gatheredLeia mais
  6. photo Get Tempted! 5 Ways to Enjoy <b>Tempeh</b>Get Tempted! 5 Ways to Enjoy TempehArtigo
    tofu sir-fry once a week. But have you ever given tempeh a try? Tempeh is a tasty protein-rich food many vegetarians thoroughly enjoy. What is tempeh? Tempeh is a fermented, soybean cake that canLeia mais
  7. Tempeh, Bean Sprouts & Cucumber with Mint Coconut SauceReceita
    . Oil provokes Pitta and Kapha. Additionally, high temperatures destroy nutrients. Overheated oil becomes smokey and oxidized, turning it rancid. In this recipe, we've tempered our tempeh with a sauceLeia mais
  8. photo Is Organic <b>Tempeh</b> 2015’s Hot Food Trend to Watch?Is Organic Tempeh 2015’s Hot Food Trend to Watch?Artigo
    Have you met organic tempeh yet? If not, you should! While tofu may seem to be the more widely recognized soy protein, fermented organic tempeh is giving it a run for its money. Beth TaylorLeia mais
  9. photo <b>Tempeh</b>: A highly nutritious and protein-rich fermented soy productTempeh: A highly nutritious and protein-rich fermented soy productNotícia
    Tempeh is a fermented soy product of Indonesian origin. It is made from cooked and dehulled soybeans and culturing agents and is characterized by its distinctive texture and solid consistencyLeia mais
  10. photo 4 façons de cuisiner le soja4 façons de cuisiner le sojaTratamento
    d’une pâte au goût très salé, qui peut s’utiliser comme base pour une salade. Le tempeh Écrasées et fermentées, les graines de soja peuvent aussi se transformer en tempeh, une sorte de « fromageLeia mais

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photo Tempeh



O tempeh (/ˈtɛm.peɪ/, pronunciado "tem-pei") é um alimento fermentado com um fungo do género Rhizopus, a partir de sementes de soja branca da Indonésia, com um aroma a nozes e uma textura densa e ligeiramente carnuda. Constitui um alimento forte, com um sabor mais intenso que outros derivados da soja. A acção das enzimas durante a fermentação faz com que as sementes sejam mais digeríveis,...Mais