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  1. photo Gluten free foodsGluten free foodsTratamento
    Gluten-free foods are foods like fruits, vegetables and meats, for example because they do not contain gluten protein in their composition. These foods are the only foods that can be ingested in...Leia mais
  2. photo 10 benefits of ginseng for your health10 benefits of ginseng for your healthTratamento
    Ginseng is a medicinal plant with several health benefits, because it is stimulates and revitalizesthe body, so it is great for when you are very tired and stressed and in need of an extra...Leia mais
  3. photo How to follow a detox diet to lose weightHow to follow a detox diet to lose weightTratamento
    A detox diet may help you lose weight, because it can detoxify the body and decrease fluid retention. It is important especially after holiday periods such as the end of the year and carnival, but...Leia mais
  4. photo Types of food a 6 month old baby can eatTypes of food a 6 month old baby can eatTratamento
    When your baby reaches 6 months of age it is necessary to introduce new foods into their diet, interspersed with the feedings or the use of milk formula appropriate for their age. So it is at this...Leia mais
  5. photo Omega 3: benefits and usesOmega 3: benefits and usesTratamento
    Omega 3 is a type of healthy fat for your body, which is found especially in sea water fish such as salmon, tuna and sardines, and in seeds like chia seeds and flaxseed. It works by reducing...Leia mais
  6. photo Incredible ways that ginger can be used forIncredible ways that ginger can be used forTratamento
    Ginger may help you to lose weight and to treat bad digestion, heartburn, nausea, gastritis, cold, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, cough, muscle aches, blood circulation problems and...Leia mais
  7. photo What to eat in a high protein dietWhat to eat in a high protein dietTratamento
    A high protein diet is based on the consumption of foods that are good sources of protein, such as meats and eggs, and the exclusion of foods rich in carbohydrates such as bread and pasta. In...Leia mais
  8. photo Diet for losing weight and burning belly fatDiet for losing weight and burning belly fatTratamento
    If you want to burn belly fat you should do some changes to your diet, reducing carbohydrates, like rice, potatoes, bread and biscuits and eliminating sweets, fried food and industrialized...Leia mais
  9. photo How to gain weight in a healthy wayHow to gain weight in a healthy wayTratamento
    In the diet to gain weight you should consume more calories than you can burn, using tips like eating every 3 hours without skipping any meal of the day, and add nutritious foods with high caloric...Leia mais
  10. photo How to get rid of belly fat in 1 monthHow to get rid of belly fat in 1 monthTratamento
    To lose weight and especially to get rid of belly fat in 1 month you have to exercise at least 3 times a week and make a restrictive diet, consuming less foods rich in sugar and fat so that the...Leia mais