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  1. photo How To Prevent Leg Cramps, And How To Never Get Leg Cramps AgainHow To Prevent Leg Cramps, And How To Never Get Leg Cramps AgainTratamento
    the cold water. Moreover, if one experiences frequent leg cramps, the consumption of an increased amount of electrolytes is recommended. Electrolytes give almost immediate results. Namely, they are like miniLeia mais
  2. photo 5 Chilly Health Benefits of a <b>Cold</b> Weather Workout5 Chilly Health Benefits of a Cold Weather WorkoutArtigo
    Winter and I don’t get along very well. It doesn’t matter if I throw on so many layers I look like a “South Park” character, I’m still cold. But over the years I’ve learned to suck it up—not justLeia mais
  3. photo Essential Oils for Your Spring Medicine ChestEssential Oils for Your Spring Medicine ChestTratamento
    in the abdomen; wide use is made of Peppermint in cholera and diarrhea. Lemon: Lemon is a fresh sunny scent that is cold pressed from the rind itself. Lemon has antiseptic-like properties and contains compoundsLeia mais
  4. Top 7 Most Effective Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Sciatic Pain!Tratamento
    Adjustments Studies based on chiropractic adjustments have shown different levels of effectiveness in the treatment of sciatica, but many experienced significant reliefs. Cold packs and heating padsLeia mais
  5. photo Natural Rx: Ways to Stop HeadachesNatural Rx: Ways to Stop HeadachesTratamento
    for sinusitis which can include allergy, a deviated nasal septum, severe cold, and acute ongoing infection. Tension Tension headaches are also common in many people. Stress and anxiety often cause tensionLeia mais
  6. photo Essential Oils for Winter (+ Recipes)Essential Oils for Winter (+ Recipes)Tratamento
    . Aromatherapy is supportive in the winter season of quiet regeneration. Winter essential oils cleanse and freshen air in homes closed tight against the cold weather. Essential oils for winter include woodyLeia mais
  7. photo Nutritional Tips to Ease Cramps, Period PainNutritional Tips to Ease Cramps, Period PainTratamento
    and cramps. You can take supplements of evening primrose or flax oils, or use these oils cold in your diet. If you use flax seeds themselves to obtain the healthy oils, nutrition experts point out that flaxLeia mais

photo Cold urticaria

Cold urticaria


Cold Urticaria (essentially meaning "cold hives") is an allergy[citation needed] where hives (urticaria) or large red welts form on the skin after exposure to a cold stimulus. The welts are usually itchy and often the hands and feet will become itchy and swollen as well. Hives vary in size from about 7mm in diameter to as big as about 27mm diameter or larger. The disease is classified as...Mais