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"cold" em Doenças: Artrite; Elementos: Pisum sativum

  1. photo Super Guide to Super Foods for Better HealthSuper Guide to Super Foods for Better HealthTratamento
    of ulcers, from peptic ulcers to skin ulcers. The juice can also be used on burns, bites, cold sores and acne. The cabbage leaf is both soothing and antiseptic, also having the ability to draw out toxins fromLeia mais
  2. photo Pink Pepper (Schinus Molle) Essential Oil Profile, Benefits, PropertiesPink Pepper (Schinus Molle) Essential Oil Profile, Benefits, PropertiesTratamento
    and other fungi/yeasts; is good for colds, flu and upper respiratory infections; believed to increase blood circulation; recommended for its anti-inflammatory action with arthritis and rheumatismLeia mais
  3. photo Liver and Gallbladder CleanseLiver and Gallbladder CleanseTratamento
    . Set the jar in the refrigerator to get cold (this is for convenience and taste only). 6:00 PM Drink one serving (3/4 cup of the cold Epsom salts. If you did not prepare this ahead of time, do it rightLeia mais

photo Cold urticaria

Cold urticaria


Cold Urticaria (essentially meaning "cold hives") is an allergy[citation needed] where hives (urticaria) or large red welts form on the skin after exposure to a cold stimulus. The welts are usually itchy and often the hands and feet will become itchy and swollen as well. Hives vary in size from about 7mm in diameter to as big as about 27mm diameter or larger. The disease is classified as...Mais